Moldex Building

Proud of our 40 plus years in the trade, Moldex Plastics &Tool has earned an enviable reputation for reliability. Our customers have always relied on our proficiency in developing any project from concept to conclusion.

From concept to conclusion

We can ease the burden of converting intellectual thought into tangible reality. Our team has the talent and competence required to bring any project to term. We are renowned for our straightforwardness and candor. Design capabilities with modern design tools (design softwares) enabling 3D models in order to visualize your creative concepts coming to life. Communication is an essential component in achieving concrete results and you can rest assured that we will seek your involvement in all the milestones required and not burden you with the technicalities. We handle the mechanics you provide the creative stimulation.

CNC Machining capabilities

Precision CNC machining for superior custom mold making as well as custom parts. Our CNC machine can provide outstanding results and  uncompromising precision. In addition we also have EDM and other conventional machining capabilities.

Taking your project to conclusion

Moldex Plastics & Tool being an injection molding, mold making and prototyping facility can take your ideas and designs from conception to production all under one roof. To personalize your project, we are able to offer you various methods by which we can apply text, shapes or your own personal logo on your parts regardless of material.

Offering quality products to uncompromising standards

•    Visual checks and inspection
•    Comprehensive tracking and scheduling
•    Organization of all procedures
•    Maintenance of specified tolerances
•    Punctual and milestone reports
•    Customized Quality control procedures required by your individual needs
 If you want to know any more information about us or have any new projects, please feel free to contact us, your inquiries will receive our best and prompt attention.

Members of :

•    CADSI
•    FEPAC
•    ITAR (Certified)
•    CGP (Controlled Goods Program)